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Our Philosophy


We provide Orthopaedic services.  While we are surgeons, we strive to provide non-surgical ways to heal prior to operation.  This includes exercises, medications, and physical therapy.

We specialize in Surgery for reconstruction of musculoskeletal problems, usually due to arthritis or sports injuries.  We are skilled in Minimal Incision Surgery for joint replacements, and use the services of the Biomet and Johnson & Johnson DePuy Companies.  Minimal Incision Surgery provides the same operation with a smaller incision, thus allowing less tissue damage and easier, faster rehabilitation.  Patients are often home faster, rehabilitate easier and have more cosmetic recoveries than with conventional surgery.

Another Minimal Incision Technique, in select circumstances, is UniCondylar Replacement. This OutPatient surgery provides limited replacement of the knee when only a limited part is damaged.

We also specialize in sports reconstruction of knees and shoulders, using the Mitek RigidFix and IntraFix systems.