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The team at Capitol Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation includes a dedicated staff of physical therapists and therapy assistants to help you achieve your personal rehabilitation goals. Their on-site facilities in Rockville and Damascus, Maryland, encourage communication between you, your doctor, and your physical therapist. To optimize your recovery with expert physical therapy, call or book an appointment online.

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is a Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist is a licensed and trained professional who evaluates and treats problems with physical movement and function. The expert team of physical therapists at Capitol Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions with the goal of helping you resume a healthy and active lifestyle.

Physical therapists work with you after an injury, surgical procedure, or other medical condition limits your normal movement. They teach you targeted exercises, stretches, and techniques to restore strength and mobility to the affected part of your body.

Who Needs Physical Therapy?

Men, women, and children of all ages can benefit from physical therapy for a variety of reasons. The skilled physical therapists at Capitol Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation work with a wide range of patients, including:

  • Athletes who want to recover from or prevent sports injuries
  • Children with developmental challenges
  • People with chronic conditions such as arthritis
  • Candidates for orthopaedic surgery
  • Patients recovering from surgery
  • Men and women suffering from joint pain or stiffness

Physical therapy is a crucial part of your rehabilitation after a major surgery, such as hip or knee replacement.

What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

If you suffer from joint pain or restricted mobility, physical therapy can reduce or eliminate the need for surgery or pain management with opioid drugs. Other benefits of physical therapy include:

  • Recovery from injury or medical conditions
  • Improved strength and balance
  • Maximized sports performance

Physical therapy not only assists with rehabilitation after an injury or trauma, but it also helps prevent future injuries by optimizing joint and muscle function.

What Should I Expect from Physical Therapy?

The physical therapists at Capitol Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation work collaboratively with your physician to develop an individualized treatment plan for every stage of your recovery. Physical therapy may be a standalone treatment, or it may complement other treatments to facilitate your rehabilitation.

Depending on your needs, physical therapy sessions may include:

  • Identifying areas of weakness in the body
  • Stretching tight muscles and joints
  • Exercises to improve strength
  • Core strengthening and stability
  • Heat and ice application
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Electrical stimulation

To discover the benefits of physical therapy, call Capitol Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation or book an appointment online today.